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Lehigh University Offers Free Professional Development For Their Alumni!

quoteI think the courses are great.

With the unstable job market, everyone wants to continue to enhance their knowledge. Most industry courses are very expensive. The wide variety of classes that Lehigh offers gives people a chance to learn a new topic within their industry. Being in the ever-changing pharmaceutical industry, I appreciate the opportunity to learn in-depth details of new areas. quote

                                                                                    - Shawna Wagner '93

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As part of the University's commitment to life-long learning, the Office of Distance Education is offering Lehigh alumni the opportunity to take one professional development online or Classroom LIVE course, per semester, at no charge. This offer is available to all alumni, however some courses are exempt and the list of eligible courses plus registration forms will be posted on the Distance Ed WebSite every semester.

A wide variety of topics are available to you including Analytical Chemistry, Physical Polymer Science, Modern Process R&D in the Pharmaceutical Industry, Numerical Methods in Engineering, Total Quality Management, Marketing & the Invention to Innovative Process.

Registration Information:

Professional Development Registration Form

Professional Development Course Listing

For further information, please contact Lisa Moughan at (610) 758-4372 or lim2@lehigh.edu.