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Certificate in BioOrganic Principles of Pharmaceutical Science

This graduate-level certificate program has been developed for employees working in pharmaceutical, biotech, and medical device manufacturing companies and those dealing with drug discovery and evaluation. The certificate covers the basic biochemical molecular principles governing drug design, synthesis, mode of action at biological targets, formulation, and metabolism. Students will gain enhanced knowledge regarding bioorganic principles related to pharmaceutical science.


Four 3 credit courses (or three 3 credit courses + three 1 credit courses) are required to complete this certificate with a maximum of 6 credits taken at the 300 level. Students may take any of the following courses (in any order) toward certificate completion.

*Note: Either one of these courses is suggested as a starting point in the program.

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Learning Options

Certificate Participation: All courses offered may be taken for Lehigh academic credit only by students admitted to Lehigh University.

Delivery Systems

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