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Master of Science in
   Manufacturing Systems Engineering

Manufacturing encompasses many disciplines, topics, skills and rapidly changing knowledge. All engineers and many scientists in the workforce are engaged one way or another in manufacturing, or activities that fuel manufacturing. The Master of Science Degree in Manufacturing Systems Engineering (MSE) is cross-disciplinary and designed to provide engineers, scientists, managers and technical leaders in industry with continuous lifelong learning opportunities to maintain the competitiveness of their operations, and to understand, appreciate and respond to current and future trends.

Key features of the program include courses that deal with agile and lean manufacturing, e-commerce, international supply-chain management, sustainability, and other current topics that are immediately applicable in the workplace. Students must have industrial experience. They work on teams with other professionals to solve real-time problems.

The MSE program allows students to integrate systems perspectives with interdisciplinary education, combining the academic study of engineering and business with project work, and topical industry-related research activities. The program covers business planning and management, product design, and manufacturing processes and technology. It emphasizes that quality is introduced at the design level and monitored throughout the entirel manufacturing cycle, including customer service and out to end-of-life.

Part-time students can complete the degree requirements in two years. Classes are offered on-campus, broadcast through Lehigh's distance-education satellite program to students across the U.S., Canada, and Mexico, and on-line to students world-wide.  

Program Requirements

Thirty credits are required comprising four mandatory MSE core courses, at least one elective with an MSE-number, three credits of project (MSE 451) or six credits of thesis (MSE 490), with remaining credits to be made up with courses offered by MSE or other programs related to engineering and business.

Candidates for the MSE Program should have a B.S. degree in an engineering discipline or applied science.  This degree must be from an accredited college or university. A GPA of at least 2.75 out of 4.0 is required for regular admission. We require decent levels of math on the transcript--calculus, linear algebra, statistics, etc. All MSE program participants must have a minimum of six-months industry work experience. International candidates must present TOEFL scores of at least 620 or 260 on the computer scored test, and GRE scores above the 75th percentile. A maximum of up to nine credits taken at the graduate level elsewhere may be transferred from an accredited graduate college or graduate university to a Lehigh University Engineering Master's Program.  All courses must be assigned a grade of "B" or better to be eligible, and not have been used toward any prior degree.  After admission, a petition must be submitted to the department along with course descriptions (syllabus) and transcript, and those courses must have been completed within four years of the first enrollment in the Lehigh master's program.


Core courses:

MSE 362 – Logistics and Supply Chain Management (IE 362) MSE 443 – Automation and Production Systems (IE 443)
MSE 481 – Technology, Operations and Competitive Strategy (GBUS 481) MSE 438 – Agile Organizations and Manufacturing Systems


MSE 423 – Product Design/Analysis MSE 446 – International Supply Chain Management
MSE 431 – Marketing & the Invention to Innovation Process

MSE 456 – Micromanufacturing Systems & Technologies

MSE 433 – Technology & the Factory of the Future

MSE 482 - Aspects of Sustainable Systems Design

MSE 498 – Special Topics (this has been ABC-ABM, or other topics)

The program may be completed using Classroom Online, an asynchronous online format that offers flexible scheduling and participation.


The Master of Business Administration and Engineering program with a Manufacturing Systems Engineering concentration is a forty-five credit hour option with a greater concentration in business.

MSE Certificate

Students who successfully complete four (4) MSE-numbered courses may apply to the Center for Manufacturing Systems Engineering for a Certificate.

Academic Advisor

Professor Keith Gardiner

Phone: 610-758-5070

E-mail: Keith.Gardiner@Lehigh.edu

Manufacturing Systems Engineering center website: www.Lehigh.edu/~inmse/gradprogram.