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Master of Science or Master of Engineering
      in Polymer Science & Engineering

The Center for Polymer Science & Engineering (CPSE) is an interdisciplinary research-oriented center with faculty representatives from the participating Departments of Chemical Engineering, Materials Science and Engineering, Mechanical Engineering and Mechanics, and Physics. The Polymer Science and Engineering Graduate Program at Lehigh University began in 1975 and one of a handful of graduate programs in the US that specializes in polymers. The CPSE offers graduate studies through the participating departments leading to the degrees of Master of Science and Master of Engineering in Polymer Science and Engineering.

Degree Options

There are two options for a Master’s Degree in Polymer Science & Engineering, both requiring a proficiency in polymers: Master of Science Degree in Polymer Science & Engineering and Master of Engineering Degree in Polymer Science & Engineering.

Program Requirements

The Master of Engineering and the Master of Science both require similar coursework structure. Courses and areas of research emphasize Polymer Synthesis and Characterization, Physical Polymer Science, Organic Polymer Science, Engineering Behavior, Rheology, Polymer Blends and Composites, Polymer Processing, Emulsion Polymers, Polymer Interfaces, and Colloid Science.

Both degree options require 30 credits for completion and must include not less than
18 hours of 400‑level coursework; not less than 18 credits of coursework in the major,
of which 15 credits must be at the 400-level. However, instead of 6 hours of thesis research, the M.Eng. student would take 6 hours of additional coursework that must include two additional polymer courses at the 300- or 400-level. However, the student may substitute one 300-or 400-level non‑polymer elective course in the home department if the major university requirements for the degree have already been met.

M.S. Polymer Science & Engineering

M.Eng. Polymer Science & Engineering



Students wishing to enroll in one of the above distance education degree programs will be admitted through either the Department of Materials Science & Engineering or the Department of Chemical Engineering and must meet that department’s entrance criteria. 
Admission requirements include:  a B.S. degree in chemistry, physics, or any branch of engineering and  an undergraduate GPA: 2.80 or higher.

On the admission application form, the area of specialization should be noted as Polymer Science and Engineering. Students will transfer into the Polymer Science and Engineering interdisciplinary master’s degree program after enrollment in or completion of at least one polymer course. The Office of Distance Education will assist with transfer information and forms.

Required Courses

Three 400-level courses to be selected from the following*:

One course in thermodynamics for the student’s admitting department

Preceding list of 400-level courses may vary from year to year, please check with Professor Ray Pearson (rp02@lehigh.edu) or Professor Jim Roberts (jer1@lehigh.edu) for more details. Some courses are offered every other year, and a few may not be available for the distance education program.

One other 300- or 400-level polymer-related course (which may be substituted for one of the regular polymer courses)

M.Eng. students require two additional 300- or 400-level polymer courses (from above list), or one polymer and one non-polymer course from student’s admitting department.

M. Eng. students require two additional 300- or 400-level polymer courses (from above list), or one polymer and one non-polymer course from student’s admitting department.

One of the following courses may be used to replace one of the 400 level polymer courses:

Academic Standards & Grades

Course grades are defined as for undergraduates except that no grade lower than C may be counted toward a polymer degree (i.e. a C- [C-minus] will not count towards graduation.) Pass-fail registration for graduate students is not permitted. An average GPA of 3.0 (a B average) must be obtained for the two required courses CHE/CHM/MAT 393 and CHE/CHM 394.


Professor Ray Pearson

Graduate Coordinator

Educational Chair
Professor James Roberts

Department website http://www.che.lehigh.edu/blog/2007/01/center_for_polymer_science_and.html